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Paintball also feels less threatening than airsoft because you won't be around realistic-looking weapons. But if you're after the realism of a military-simulation, in which you can feel like you're on a real battlefield, you'll probably enjoy airsoft more What's better airsoft or paintball? Shooting airsoft ammo allows for better accuracy than shooting with paintball ammo: Airsoft bbs are smaller than paintball pellets, so they experience less wind resistance and therefore, are more accurate. Airsoft bbs are less visible to the opponent because of their smaller size, which adds to their accuracy Which is better paintball or airsoft? Airsoft is a popular combat simulation game where participants are eliminated when hit by pellets launched from guns that resemble real firearms. While airsoft is cheaper and provides a more realistic warfare experience, paintball is more popular, more organized and has larger events The variety in Airsoft game modes and maps is immense and is one of the key elements why Airsoft is seen to be a lot more versatile than Paintball. The game modes can range from 'Capture the Flag' where each team attempts to reach the opposing team's flag kept in an open space to return to their own base, or 'CQB' (Close Quarter. When it comes to the airsoft bbs, they are much smaller than paintball pellets which means they are more resistant to the wind. As a result, their precision is better. Despite that, if you already played paintball, you probably noticed how big paintball pellets are

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  1. Airsoft bbs and consumables (gas, bbs, etc.) are far cheaper than Paintball's, which frees up more money to attend more events or collect more guns, gear, etc. Airsoft also hurts less and does less damage because the rounds have far less mass than a paint ball.
  2. In paintball participants try to hit each other with paintballs launched from a special paintball marker/gun. While airsoft is cheaper and provides a more realistic warfare experience, paintball is more popular, more organized and has larger events
  3. ing Quiz When you go to play air soft with your friends do you think that the position you get is the best one for you? If you are in doubt take up the quiz below and find out what your role should be the next time you have a match...
  4. The ammunition is more costly for Paintball than airsoft. For creating pressure to shoot ammunition paintballers used CO2 refillable tanks, that means you can refill the tank with a little cost after it is empty. Where airsoft guns have rechargeable batteries that means no extra costs in recharge

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When you do the math, 1 paintball is almost 11 times more expensive than 1 airsoft BB, while they both essentially perform the same function. The advantage of airsoft ammunition (besides low cost) is the fact that it is small and can fit into regular sized magazines easily. In a standard M16 style magazine you can fit as many as 450 rounds In a paintball game, players are hit by balls of dye travelling at an average speed of 260 to 300 feet per second. Paintballs are launched from a paintball marker or gun. Paintball is costlier than airsoft, but it is not as realistic as airsoft. On the flipside, paintball is more popular among kids and adults, and it also has a better. Airsoft is a more realistic combat simulation sport in which the players use more realistic weapons that shoot BBs or plastic pellets. Airsoft more resembles a real combat zone and requires real tactical planning. Paintball is played using specific Co2 and gas powered guns that shoot breakable balls filled with non toxic paint

Airsoft? Paintball? Play whichever is the most fun for you. Let's explore why some players chose Airsoft over Paintball.Check out TheDeeMoe here on YouTube.. airsoft vs paintball Games. Airsoft generally has a greater variety of games and game configurations and is more tactical than paintball. Partly due to the larger fields in airsoft and the large variety of guns available, games like milsim are more practical within airsoft than paintball. Airsoft games generally also better simulate real life. The Airsoft BB's are much smaller and lighter than Paintballs meaning that although the Airsoft guns fire faster , the BB's have a lot less energy than paintballs. You might be interested: Question: Where Can I Get Paintball Tanks Refilled Paintballs, as we mentioned, travel slower and for less distance than airsoft BBs. Due to the way they're manufactured, they are never completely smooth-unlike high-quality BBs. They also are significantly larger than airsoft BBs, which means that they experience more wind resistance and are easier to blow off course

Paintball Vs. Airsoft Range . A common question people ask is whether or not they are going to have a better shot with an airsoft gun or a paintball gun. Of course, plenty of practice is going to lead you to the best possible outcome in terms of shot but knowing which one is easiest with the best distance is always good knowledge As they are not as realistic as the airsoft guns, they are considered safer and better to be played than airsoft. The shots of airsoft guns are faster than paintballs and also may lead to treating damage of the skin if hit at a close range I met up with JAKE from Team Insanity and discussed 7 reasons why Paintball is better than airsoft. These are objective reasons rather than personal opinions..

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  2. What is more expensive airsoft or paintball? In paintball, all guns use a large hopper to load the ammunition into the gun, while airsoft guns use magazines, just like real guns. When you do the math, 1 paintball is almost 11 times more expensive than 1 airsoft BB, while they both essentially perform the same function. Do airsoft bullets hurt
  3. Turn up to an airsoft game in jeans and a t-shirt and you'll stick out like a sore thumb. It's not that you'll be unwelcome, just under dressed. This is why paintball is better than airsoft. It's not that airsoft is more focussed on realism, less accessible to one off players or the fact that we use terms like 'gun' and 'magazine'
  4. 0.2 gram airsoft BB at 450 fps: 1.88 Joules. 3 gram paintball at 250 fps: 8.71 Joules. That's 4.63 times more force upon impact for a paintball despite the fact that it's traveling nearly half as fast. Paintballs can indeed do damage which is why any responsible player will insist on safety at all times. 9
  5. The heavier paintball is less likely to break upon impact with a surface. The paintball is more accurate too. The airsoft gun costs less than the paintball gun, and it can be used in more locations, as the BBs are not real bullets. The paintball is still considered a projectile, so the paintball gun may not be taken to some public places

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Airsoft guns rarely cause any damage to the skin other than minor bruising. Paintball gunplay should be done with a protective mask that covers the eyes, ears, and face. This is because paintballs are shot from the gun at a high velocity, and it can cause major damage to the soft tissues of the face if left unprotected I want everyone opinions i no it costs more money but i can care less filling co2 tanks up ect also what are good website to buy airsoft guys so far AirSoft or paintball? whats better - RedFlagDeals.com Forum Both are respectable things to do, but i would rather go with paintball. In paintball u can play many types of games and you can hurt ppl very easily. On the other hand in airsoft u can choose from many types of gunes, but they cost to much. I hav.. Airsoft is similar to paintball in many ways, in that they are both fast paced and action packed sports in which players engage each other firing small, spherical, and safe projectiles. However, unlike paintball, airsoft BBs are made of hard plastic (weighing much less than a typical paintball) and do not leave any marks upon impact

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Airsoft. These games are really quite similar, but in other ways, they are very different. Paintball is usually played in a relatively small arena with bunkers and barricades, while airsoft is more played in large open areas and is more like a simulation of war Airsoft vs paintball pain Not rated yet Airsoft is not as painful as paintball. A paintball weighs between 2 and 3 grams, typically. A normal airsoft BB weighs between 0.2 and 0.3 grams. That' Wow. Airsoft Is Better Than Paintball Not rated yet I didn't know they let dumb people write on the internet. Airsoft is not as painful as paintball Airsoft: I would love to get into doing this or Nerf if only I knew the right people. Anyway the guns used in airsoft look a little closer to the real thing and it won't brank the bank to much. Paintball: Buying a PB Gun can be VERY pricy not only that but buying Co2 tanks or cartiges and getting hit by a paintball could hurt The ammo is different too. Airsoft uses BBs, that are far more accurate than the much larger paintball pellets. Cost. Paintball has been losing out to other outdoor sports, like airsoft. For the last few years there has been little growth in the market. For a long time, paintball was the old dog - expensive and unsatisfying

What Makes Airsoft Better Then Paintball to add your 300x250 banner, pay ad zone 5 Airsoft Atlanta is your source for quality airsoft guns and rifle parts to add your Text Link here, pay ad zone 3 to add your 180x30 banner here, pay ad zone 2. If you appreciate this website, please or Check Out the ASF Store. If you can not help us financially Airsoft Game Types And Scenarios: 13 Most Interesting Airsoft Games That You Should Try. As we said airsoft games often range from capture the flag, team deathmatch, close-quarters battle, king of the hill, or MilSim (military simulations) Paintball is more fun to play. Paintball has its own unique advantage against air soft that makes its way more fun to play. With paintball it hurts to get hit, so you learn to be more nimble and how to dodge things better, which makes for a way more challenging game,and when a game is challenging it is more fun to play because of the competitive side in human nature ok im an avid paintballer and have just been turned to this airsoft,its not very popular where im from so im 21 and just started to hear about it,anyways I like the realism of the weapons and feel of enviroment having a realistic weapon, I dont currently own a airsoft gun becuase all they sell ar.. Airsoft or paintball.Which is better? This article goes over some of the differences one might consider when choosing from one of these two sports

This question is bound to stir debate and controversy amongst the most ardent of airsoft or paintball fans. Both airsoft and paintball are both hobbies based on replica firearms and wargames. Is this unhealthy? That depends moreso on the person themselves rather than the hobby Even better than those courses is reinforcing those lessons through regular practice. And a threat to us all: complacency. Complacency kills. Both airsoft and paintball can provide you with situational planning, awareness, and fun. For daily carriers, each may find something crosses over from the practice of the two which one is better airsoft or paintball. give your reasons I say airsoft 1. realistic 2. no mess 3. we get to wear cammo and have it look sex When it comes to comparing airsoft with paintball in terms of cost, it is obvious that airsoft is more cost-effective. Especially, there is a huge difference in the cost of ammo. In paintball, you have to spend somewhat around $30 on a total of 2000 rounds and in airsoft, you have to spend $10 to $20 on 5000 rounds

Since the paintball does have a larger mass, it can hold energy better and travel at a further distance. Likewise, the airsoft bb tends to start diminishing in speed and drops at a shorter distance. Therefore, though both come out of the barrel at similar speeds, it's not long before the similarities go away The thing to keep in mind is that Paintball Gels (also known as Burners, Bases, or Compound aerosols) weigh a good bit more than BBs. So when playing with a paintball gun, you need to make sure that your shot is traveling at an angle where the BB or paintball pellets are not being damaged by a pellet of lighter material

Paintball technology is used by military forces, law enforcement, para-military and security organizations to supplement military training, riot response and non-lethal suppression of dangerous suspects. This is a good discussion thread about cheating in paintball and airsoft. It's harder to cheat at Paintball because hits are whwt visible For a truly immersive Airsoft experience, Incursion Airsoft's CQB Bunker in Epsom is the ideal location. The pre-WWII air raid bunker is 50 feet underground and consists of three vertical and six. So is paintball better than airsoft? Fortunately both airsoft and paintball have something unique to bring to the table. The sport you will enjoy the most depends on what you are looking for. But most people prefer paintball, and for good reason. Airsoft. Airsoft is more realistic than paintball by a wide margin What's better paintball or airsoft? Airsoft is a popular combat simulation game where participants are eliminated when hit by pellets launched from guns that resemble real firearms. While airsoft is cheaper and provides a more realistic warfare experience, paintball is more popular, more organized and has larger events

Forums → The Tavern → [necro]Airsoft or Paintball? 74: 10747: Report. Save Cancel. offline. Legatus88. 451 posts. Peasant. Posted January 29, '09 6:21am UTC. Out of the two which is your favorite and why? I prefer airsoft because the weaponry is more realistic and airsoft is alittle bit more afforadable for me. Asfar as accuracy goes I also. Having played both paintball and airsoft I can definitely assure you that paintball does indeed hurt much more. The mass of a paintball can deliver over 1.7 Joules of energy on impact while an airsoft BB can only deliver proximately .3 Joules (Both of these are off of guns that actually fire as safe FPS rates) Airsoft Norfolk (12+) Combat Airsoft in association with Combat Paintball Ltd and the Forestry Commission offers an exciting, safe and well organised Airsoft venue set in the beautiful surroundings of the Thetford Forest in Norfolk. With years of Airsoft experience behind us we know how to make your experience truly awesome Airsoft Core was established to help beginner and expert airsoft players by providing tips, tricks, guides, and reviews in a fun and informative way. Playing airsoft since the 90's, Airsoft Core's experts know everything you need to know about Airsoft Pistols, Assault and Sniper Rifles, Revolvers and what you need to be out in the field Airsoft is growing in popularity. Since its creation in the 1970s, airsoft has become a renowned and celebrated sport around the globe. Each year sees new guns, new gear, new fields - and most importantly - new players

The Paintball Park offers both fun scenario fields complete with castles, tanks and other great propsas well as a competitive tournament style park with turf and airball fields. The prices are pretty average, but the fields are most always well kept, clean and ready to have fun on. Gus L. Escondido, CA Airsoft is better than Paintball. 260 likes. Airsoft: it's like paintball but for real men. Created by: Max Renauld Two of the most asked questions from new paintball players are, What's the difference between CO2 and compressed air and Which is better, CO2 or compressed air? CO2 and compressed air (HPA) are high-pressure gases that are required to power paintball guns. When CO2 is stored in a CO2 bottle, it is in liquid form Alaska Family Airsoft, North Pole, North Pole, Alaska. 340 likes · 4 talking about this. ALASKA FAMILY AIRSOFT MISSION:To provide a fun, affordable, and extreme activity, while maintaining a family..

Most airsoft goggless fall within the price range of $ 22.99 to $ 21.85. Therefore, if budget is not a problem and you want the best product for your needs, we advise you to choose the XAegis Airsoft Goggles, Tactical Safety Goggles Anti Fog Military Eyewear with 3 Interchangable Lens for Paintball Riding Shooting Hunting Cycling - Black When I run out of shims while I am only one shim away from having a friends gun done >:( Sent from my iPod touch using Airsoft Societ

The flip side being Airsoft guns are considerably more accurate and have a higher rate of fire than a paintball marker, meaning you will generally get hit several times. Despite the Paintball markers using frangible ammunition (it breaks when it hits you), Airsoft is considerably safer, with the Airsoft legal limits of muzzle energy being. Paintball Padding and Protection Kyle Mills - Gtek160r or RSX Shocker? Planet Eclipse 170R (Newest Version) SP Shocker XLS (Newest Version) FMLN SALVI - What type of tank regulator should you get for your gun? Certain guns I assume are supposed to work better with certain regulators (SPECIAL DISCOUNT) US $3.44 50% OFF | Buy Army Military Airsoft Paintball Gloves Anti-slip Outoodr Hiking Hunting Half Finget Gloves Protection Tactical Combat Gloves From Merchant Unique 4 You Sporting Goods Store. Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Shop Quality & Best Hiking Gloves Directly From China Hiking Gloves Suppliers However, the real cost is in upkeep. Paintballs cost an average of about 40.00 for a decent case of 2000 paintballs. Airsoft bb's cost an average of 15.00 for a case of 6000 bbs. There is obviously a price difference in ammunition for the two. You're going to pay around 5 times as much shooting in paintball as you would in airsoft

Clash of Airsoft vs Paintball. Airsoft or paintball game is so much exciting and enjoyable to all. Both of them are great shooting game. The procedure of the game is, you need to shoot your enemy with your gun, if you can heat any of the enemies, he or she will call out of the game and will be removed in that round Paintball Pain: paintball guns are loaded with large paintballs, paintballs are approximately 17 times heavy as compared to airsoft pellets, definitely, if we shoot a paintball and pellets from the same range on a particular object, paintball will hurt more, just because of higher size and weight

On the other hand, space for Airsoft facilities are much more limited compared with paintball facilities. Moreover, the age range for many scenarios Airsoft is 18 years or more compared with paintball venues that cater to the younger age groups in general. Also, Airsoft, is much more difficult to say you have been affected Airsoft and paintball may be similar but they are not exactly the same thing. Many people want to know which the better one is but actually they both have disadvantages. Airsoft is not a sport which suits everyone but many say that it's better than paintball View Essay - Airsoft vs paintball.docx from BA 27315 at University of South Florida. Airsoft vs. Paintball: Which One is better? If you are wondering what airsoft and paintball are, then we wil What do you guys think is better to train yourself? When you play airsoft its more realistic when it come to aiming down sights and p swapping mags and..

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A .68 caliber paintball will weigh approx 3.0 grams on other hand 1.25 grams is the weight of a 0.50 caliber paintball. If we compare these stats with airsoft, the weight of airsoft BB can range from 0.12-0.40 grams, and 0.40 gram BB is still not easily used The guns are different, the ammo is different. Which is better? You decide. So which hurts more? The average velocity for an airsoft gun is +300 fps. The average paintball gun shoots about +200 fps. Airsoft bbs are plastic and only 6mm, or .24 cal. Paintballs are usually .686 cal. and are heavier. BBs cause small welts but rarely break skin Which is better, airsoft or paintball? Some say airsoft because it takes more tactics and is based on realism. Others say airsoft is bad because of the Honor system of accepting hits Airsoft has both in its favor, the BB weight is what helps the most. The heavier the BB the better it is not to be affected by the wind and it travels further by keeping its inertia. Paintball would win with the accuracy if Airsoft didnt have any hop-up assemby Search titles only. By: Search Advanced searc

We talked with Hannes from the Paintballpark Vienna about the never ending story between Paintball and Airsoft. The advantages of each sport, how it developed and so on. It's also interesting to get some insight into how to run a park like this and in which direction these sports are heading Which is better airsoft or paintball? Well i can tell. Paintball has a very high cost. First you have to buy a gun, which can range from 100 to around 2,000 dollars which for most people is out of their range. To buy the paintballs themselves are very expensive as well This concern is bound to stir argument and controversy among the most ardent of airsoft or paintball fans. Both airsoft and paintball are both hobbies based on reproduction guns and wargames. Is this unhealthy? That depends moreso on the person themselves rather than the pastime. An interest in pursuing a hobby that includes weaponry just Read More »Is Airsoft Better Than Paintball

Airsoft guns have a longer range than paintball guns with most Airsoft guns shooting between 250fps to 600fps, an Airsoft pellet will also travel a lot further than a paintball pellet will. Ammunition used in games is paintballs and 6mm BBs in airsoft games Airsoft and paintball both fun games that require guns and a team to battle against an opposing team but, the question is which one is better? Airsoft is a lot more realistic in the fact that the weapons are a lot more real. Most airsoft guns are based off of weapons used by the militar Why Paintball would be the better choice: - Paintball is a faster paced game than Airsoft (the field is much smaller). - The paint makes it (almost) impossible to cheat in a Paintball game, while Airsoft uses the honesty system. - Unlike Paintball, Airsoft isn't environmentally friendly (unless you use biodegradable bb's) Forums → The Tavern → [necro]Airsoft or Paintball? 74: 10863: Report. Save Cancel. offline. Legatus88. 451 posts. Peasant. Posted January 29, '09 6:21am UTC. Out of the two which is your favorite and why? I prefer airsoft because the weaponry is more realistic and airsoft is alittle bit more afforadable for me. Asfar as accuracy goes I also.

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Airsoft is like playing paintball but better. The object of the game is to shoot the enemy. You go and make your own teams and if you get shot your out until the next game. You see you play with bb's which are alot smaller then paintballs and come in different grams Performance Differences. There are definitely differences in how CO 2 and green gas perform, which is why some airsofters may choose one over the other. CO 2 cartridges are under a lot more pressure, which means that you'll get higher muzzle velocities, even with the cheapest, non-blowback pistols. CO2 vs Green Gas Everyone prefers paintball, and all most people can say why paintball is better than airsoft is it hurts more, and is therefore a more manly sport. Airsoft guns are also quite customizable and much nicer looking than paintball guns. Especially the replica paintball guns that are twice the damn size of the gun they replicate Airsoft is certainly a lot more realistic than paintball. Airsoft may be played out as a game, however it is largely a place pertaining to a representation connected with authentic living battle. The armed service oftentimes makes use of quality airsoft weapons to practice battle methods. The actual cops also utilizes airsoft guns to be able to. If you are playing paintball, it may be better to invest in a full-face mask. Although the impact energy of a paintball round is comparable to an airsoft pellet, you do have to think about the splash factor of a ruptured paintball. Other parts of the face are also susceptible to injury from paintball and airsoft projectiles

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There are many arguments to answer why airsoft is better than paintball. But before you can answer that question, it is first necessary to know what airsoft really is. Airsoft, also known as Airsoft or AER is a sport where two.. I have never played airsoft or paintball, but I would choose airsoft. I just feel that airsoft is way better for more large scale games and is way more detailed (like real looking guns etc. add feel to it) and tactical/slow. Also has more potential for different scenarios. But, may be harder to get into, like finding people to play with etc. Ticey you should see if you can find people who play airsoft or paintball. If I were you, I would go with the sport that has the most people in your area playing. Almost always, the more people the better, IMO. Airsoft links galore! Check out numbers 3 and 6 on the News, Forums, Reviews, etc. section for two good airsoft forums The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and top tips on Mike's paintball and airsoft. I share information on how to build the best tactical paintball teams and share tactics to use in Palm Beach airsoft The Paintball Park has the best paintball and entertainment parks across the USA! The hot spot for Paintball, Paintball Lite, & Airsoft games! We are open for walk on play or reserved group parties. Each location offers unique local features. Have a big group? We are open 7 days a week for private groups of 15+ players! Let us help you make. Corporate Event: Guru Airsoft and Paintball Park. What better way to bond as a company than a friendly (or not-so-friendly:) game of Paintball! Inquire about times and dates for events by clicking the Send Inquir